Ceremonial Teaching Area

Joseph V. Sowmick - October 15, 2013

In an effort to provide regular bonus coverage throughout the month, Team Observer joins our Tribal Behavioral Health (BH) department and Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in profiling their construction of new ceremonial teaching areas. "Behavioral Health is having growing pains in a good way. Today (Oct. 14) after a generational trauma teaching in the lodge by Joseph Sowmick, volunteers took down the small teepee. One person took out all the teepee stakes and wrapped the canvas around the center pole. One person unwrapped the long rope holding the poles together," BH Helping Healer Bea Jackson informs. "One by one the poles were taken down. The final three that were the strength of the teepee were held in place and taken out together. Everyone carried teepee poles to the garage where they were stored. The strongest carried two teepee poles at once. The very strongest, a woman, carried three poles. With the small teepee taken down Maintenance staff will be cutting down trees to make room for the large teepee's permanent location." Jackson also mentioned the effort will provide a beautiful area where more ceremonial teachings can take place here on the Reservation. The small teepee will still be utilized for other ceremonies in temporary locations. She also offered her sincere "Megwetch" to all the volunteers and staff.

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