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Denise Cantu - October 04, 2013

In an effort to provide regular bonus coverage throughout the month, Team Observer joins our fellow local Mt. Pleasant Chamber of Commerce member Max and Emily's in their support of the Tribal Observer. Owner Tim Brockman mentions his store has been serving the community over 16 years and welcomed a source of Tribal news on his property. "The Tribe gives a lot of support to the community and this is our chance to give the Tribe a presence downtown," Brockman informs. "I see many Tribal employees at the store on a regular basis along with the downtown business community who will enjoy what the Observer offers." Max and Emily's Manager Chris "Elmo" Watson shares a moment reading the paper with Tribal Observer Editor Natalie Shattuck. The new Observer news box location at 125 East Broadway makes its downtown debut in time for the Oct. 19th CMU Homecoming Parade!

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