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Below is a list of Tribal Court staff, their job title and a very brief description of their job duties. Each staff member performs many additional tasks beyond those listed.

  • Patrick M. Shannon, Chief Judge
  • Prentiss M. Brown, Senior Judge
  • Carol Jackson, Magistrate - Clerk of the Court
  • Hans (Karl) Hansen, Account Specialist
    • Court Financial accounts, child support, Jury coordinator
  • Kelly Smith, Deputy Court Clerk
    • Court recorder, processes orders, data entry, abstracts w/ State of Michigan.
  • Melissa Pamp, Deputy Court Clerk
    • Court recorder, processes civil court orders, data entry, court recorder
  • Jamie VanDerSteen, Interim Deputy Court Clerk
    • Assist clients, data entry, record searches, court docket preparation, court recorder
  • LuAnn Louch, Deputy Court Clerk and Appellate Court Clerk
    • Monthly checks child support, processes and pays invoices, Appellate Court matters.
  • Kevin Ricketts, Alternative Sentencing Coordinator/Bailiff/Transporter
    • Tribal Court bailiff, transporter, monitors community service clients

Healing to Wellness

  • Aubree Gross
    • Healing to Wellness Coordinator
  • Vacant
    • Healing to Wellness Case Manager

Family Healing to Wellness

  • Joseph V. Sowmick, Hon.PhD
    • Family Healing to Wellness Family Court Project Coordinator/Case Manager
  • John Pattison, RN, BSN, FNP-BC
    • Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Court – Healing to Wellness Family Court Nurse Practitioner
  • Tracey Klich, B.B.A.
    • Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Court – Healing to Wellness Family Court Support Technician

Tribal Action Plan (TAP)

  • Carol Emmendorfer
    • TAP Development Coordinator


  • Breanna Colwell, Leadership Apprentice
  • Christina Delacruz, Interim Probation Officer
  • Cathy Matthews, Probation Officer