Parks and Recreation Staff Shout outs

(Director's Note: The SCIT Parks & Recreation department is always looking to serve the community better and we are offering this new web feature "Staff Shoutout" to profile current recreation programs and activity within our area )

Feb. 21, 2012: Staff Shoutout - Youth Facilities Coordinator Kevin Ricketts

My shout out for this week is to the Parks & Recreation Team. With all the different programs and events that SCIT Parks & Recreation has going on, our team has met the challenges and is tireless. If I might say a few names, Youth Facilities Assistants Lucas Sprague and Chase Owl have put there stamp on the men's basketball league. The adult competitive basketball fever is back on the REZ, and it's because of the hard work they both put in by planning, organizing, and being creative.

Youth Facilities Assistants Rosanna Romero and Betsey Alonzo have been just blessings with the SCIT Afterschool Program. It seems that everything that they come up with the kids just love it. The idea of making Valentine cards for our community Elders was awesome, and we hope to make it annual event. It was a brilliant idea getting the Elders and the kids connected.

Joe Sowmick, the maestro and Events Coordinator for the department, you can say a lot about this guy, but when you're done it's still not enough. I'm so confident in any and everything Joe does for our department. The awesome part of what Joe brings to the Parks & Recreation department is his heart; every event has heart stamped on it.

Our SCIT Parks & Recreation Administrative Assistant Heather DeMoines is our office point guard and does anything needed for the department to function at a high level. She always wants to be involved with the event planning and is always willing to take a hands on approach at all our events.

Our SCIT Parks & Recreation Director Ronnie Ekdahl is our inspiration and the leader that put this awesome team together. By selecting these people it tells you what kind of person Ronnie is. He is so committed for something better for the youth, and will stand tall in his convictions to make it happen. He lights a friendly fire under us all, we have all bought into his "next man in" and his "let's find a way to win together" philosophy. He is without a doubt the leader of an awesome team.

Thanks Ronnie, and thanks Team Parks & Recreation, for making a difference in our youth and our Tribal community.