Laughlin Earns March 4 Eagle Leadership Award

By Joe Sowmick, Contributing Writer

On March 4, SCIT Afterschool Program student Kasina Laughlin received her very first Eagle Leadership Award. Assistant Tribal Administrator Tonia Leaureaux presented the honor and Kasina was very happy she had finally received the award. Her mother, Nimkee Admin. Assistant Karen Naganashe, stated that, "Kasina has been trying very hard to receive this award." Kasina's mom and dad (Nimkee Maintenance employee Chris Laughlin) are very proud to hear of her outstanding behavior. "Kasina has shown wonderful leadership during the afterschool program by following the rules without question and setting a good example to the other children by participating in all activities with a positive attitude," Afterschool Team Staffer Betsey Alonzo explains. " I am very proud of Kasina, she really enjoys the program and her good behavior shows it. She is happy to arrive to the program and enjoys all we have to offer and it is a pleasure to have her here. (Pictured left to right: Afterschool Team Staffer Luke Sprague, Assistant Tribal Administrator Tonia Leaureaux, Kasina and Chris Laughlin).