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Video - Great Lakes Native American Conference
9/30/2016 1:00:00 PM - Victims Of Crime

Our Victim of Crime Program in collaboration with Tribal Police and Behavioral Health Programs recently presented at the annual Great Lakes Native American Conference in August of 2016.  The conference is sponsored by the Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime and the United States Attorney’s Offices of Michigan.


This workshop addresses the establishment of new and upcoming Tribal Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) and the exploration of our established programs success.  Presenters will be discussing topics such as; community engagement/building a SARTeam, SART protocols and collaboration.  Other focuses will be empowerment of your victims, creation and successes of a victim centered approach to criminal cases and offender accountability with the establishment of Tribal SARTeams, and what that means to our clients.  Participants of this workshop will take away new, fresh ideas in the creation of SART programs and an understanding of a different kind of advocacy with victims for successful offender accountability. 


Learning Objectives:

1.)    Creating a victim centered approach to CSC criminal case investigations through the use of a SARTeam.

2.)    Attendees will be educated on the development of a SART protocol for their community and a sample protocol will be provided for distribution.

3.)    Empowerment of victims involved in CSC case investigations with the help of your team.


Panel Presenters include:

Det. Sgt. Jason VanConant, Tribal Police

Mandy Wigren, Victim/Witness Coordinator

Graham Leach, Tribal Prosecutor

Shelby McCliggott, Behavioral Heath Therapist


Brooke Bechtel, SART Lead