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Submissions Needed - Opioid Summit
5/2/2023 11:24:00 AM - Opioid Summit

Submissions Needed

The Fourth Annual Statewide Tribal Opioid Summit Committee is requesting the communities support for submittal of a remembrance of their loved one who would like a chance to share their story with others due to opioid, alcohol substance misusage and suicide.

  • The Summit will pay a memorial tribute on June 7 & 8, 2023 at the Soaring Eagle and Casino and Resort Entertainment Hall.
  • It’s important to remind us all of the light that grows dim throughout the loss of our loved ones. To lend a voice to those who cannot speak, to bring awareness through education, and to bring families together by sharing their stories.

Submissions and any questions, please contact:

Carol Jackson at 989.775.4805 or

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