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WOD 3/15/23
3/14/2023 4:44:00 PM - L.I.F.E log


2-3 Minute Move

Foam Roll 30-60 Seconds of:

Your Choice


20 Surge Punches

12 Surge Flys

15 Band Rows

10 Plank-Ups

16 Band Cheerleaders 

12 Med Ball Slams

then Warm-Up Bench Press and Bent Over Row



4 x 5 of:

Bench Press


12-10-8-6 of:

Bent Over Row



"Mid-Week Madness" 

.25 Miles on True Form

20 Elevated Med Ball Slams (7Kg/5Kg) on 24/18" Box

15/12 Cals on Rower

10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/18")

5 Shuffles Down & Back w/Med Ball Overhead (7Kg/5Kg)

1 Mile on Echo

*Down the Ladder Up the Ladder For Time



3 Sets of:

Burnout of Chin-Ups

10-15 Cable Leaning Overhead Extension

5 I, Y, T's on Suspension


1 Set of:

Box Switch Push-Ups


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