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OGC Services After a Grant is Awarded (post-award)

After a grant is awarded, responsibility for the grant is handed off to the department director/manager identified in the application and writing process. However, the Office of Grants & Contracts Team is always available for technical assistance and support in grants management and closeout. OGC often assists departments with:

  1. Post-Award Processing:
    1. Receive and distribute Notice of Awards
    2. Review terms and conditions, and other award documents, and requests for legal review and approval
      1. Document Project Period/Start-End Date
      2. Fiscal Practice/management
      3. Monitoring
      4. Reporting
    3. Coordinate and support communication and correspondence with granting agency and department
    4. Departmental Grant Orientation
  2. Grants Management:
    1. Understanding federal requirements
    2. Translating the proposal, including the program plan, and using it to carry out the grant activities
    3. Managing the budget and finances
    4. Using grant management and reporting systems
    5. Keeping records and documenting progress
    6. Addressing weaknesses
    7. Managing risk
  3. Grant Closeout:
    1. Final reports including both programmatic and fiscal reports
    2. Storing grant records and documentation for later reference