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Fraud Alert!

Tribal Police Department

Tribal Police has been made aware of a fraud mailing scam targeting the Tribal community. The letter came addressed to a local Tribal member. The member recognized the enclosed foreign lottery letter and check payable to her as bogus.

In an effort to raise community awareness of this type of scam here are some pointers from the United State Postal Inspection Service.

Foreign lotteries are illegal! A U.S. federal statute prohibits activities related to lotteries/shares/tickets/chance games from foreign countries.

• U.S. federal law prohibits sending lottery material through the mail except for state-owned and operated lotteries (e.g. Michigan Lottery).

It's probably a scam! Trust your instincts, if it sounds too good to be true,
it probably is.

The goal of these scams is to obtain your money or identity for selfish criminal purposes. Please remember if you receive anything in the mail that raises your suspicion, appears to be fraudulent, or questionable don't hesitate to notify your Tribal Police, other local law enforcement or the United States Postal Inspection Service.

Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police
6954 E Broadway Rd
Mt Pleasant MI 48858

Michigan State Police (Mt Pleasant Post)
3580 S Isabella Rd
Mt Pleasant MI 48858

Isabella County Sheriff
207 Court St
Mt Pleasant MI 48858

Mt Pleasant City Police
804 E High St
Mt Pleasant MI 48858

United States Posta l Inspection Service Detroit Division
P.O. Box 330119
Detroit MI 48232-6119