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Anishinabe Performance Circle
8/22/2014 5:38:47 PM - Ziibiwing Cultural Center

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Flyer and Sign Up Form

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the Anishinabe Performance Circle hosted by the staff and volunteers from the Ziibiwing Center You must   have   the registration   packet   filled out   completely   and the registration fee paid to hold a spot for your child in the Anishinabe Performance Circle.   The registration form will enable us to better meet the needs of your child. The $30.00 registration fee will help cover the cost of speakers and other expenses.


The mission of the Anishinabe Performance Circle is aimed at promoting and enhancing positive self images of children through the use of traditional Anishinabe arts (storytelling, dance, music, and language), and preparing our youth as leaders in a multicultural society.


We are hosting the Anishinabe Performance Circle to promote the arts and culture of the Anishinabek. The Anishinabe Performance Circle will  foster a greater understanding of our rich cultural heritage through educational cultural presentations. This increased exposure and access to the rich heritage of the Anishinabe people will help bridge ethnic and cultural relationships plus build strong community partnerships.


Session Dates:

Tuesday, September 23 sign-up & class begins.

Performance Circle classes are held every Tuesday.  We will hold the first class from

4:30pm to 5:30pm. We will then evaluate the class size and students needs to determine

if we need to split the class into smaller groups to offer the best learning  opportunities  (Senior Class 4:30pm to 5:30pm & Junior Class 5:30pm to 6:30pm).


Attendance Requirements:

Participants are required at every session to assure the transference of cultural knowledge and the acquisition of cultural skills.  All participants must attend the Awards/Graduation Ceremony Family Performance in order to graduate.



It is a participant's   responsibility to come prepared to class with all proper equipment and materials meaning we need your child ready as soon as they walk through the door. We

are on a schedule and we would like to stick to it as best we can. We will be up and moving to the drum beat. Your child should bring comfortable shoes to dance in (tennis shoes or moccasins). If your child has long hair please have something to tie it back and to keep it out of their face.  It is recommended that your child wear either a jogging suit or clothing that will allow them to move freely during dancing.


Certificate of Completion:   Active participation is necessary in order to earn the Certificate of Completion and acquire the skills needed to become a cultural representative for the Ziibiwing Center. Those who earn their Certificate of Completion will be put on the Ziibiwing phone roster to call when performers are needed for paid bookings. Those who receive this certificate must have attended twelve sessions.


Awards/Graduation Ceremony Family Performance:

We will host a special performance for family and friends at the end of the certification  program.  This presentation will take place at the Broadway Theater in downtown Mt. Pleasant, MI.


Sewing/Beading Class:

Beginner bead working and sewing class for parents and guardians of Performance Circle students will be offered Monday afternoons from 4:00-600pm.


We can be reached at 775-4750 if you have any further questions.

Anishinabe Performance Circle Staff & Volunteers


Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture& Lifeways

Download Sign Up Form



Anishinabe Performance Circle: 12-Week Certification Program


Who:                 Senior Anishinabe Performance Circle- 6-16 years of age, experienced dancers only, or those who have received a Graduate Certificate from a previous class.


Junior Anishinabe Performance Circle - 3 to 16 years of age, beginner dancers

(Junior Circle requires a Child & Parent commitment for the entire 12-week program for children 6 years and under)


Cost: Where: When:

$30 - Fee covers the costs

Ziibiwing Center

Performance Circle meets Tuesdays from 4:30- 5:30pm. Class time may be held longer into the evening to accommodate working parents or will change to two classes (Senior Class 4:30-5:30pm &Junior Class 5:30-6:30pm to meet students’ needs.)



Class size & student needs will determine if we have one class from 4:00-5:30pm or two classes

(Senior Class 4:30-5:30pm &Junior Class 5:30-6:30pm).


September 23

4:30-5:30pm        Sign-up/Overview (assess students' needs/wants for instruction and regalia)


September 30

4:30-5:30pm        Dances, Music, Pow Wow Etiquette


October 7

4:30-5:30pm        Dances, Music, Pow Wow Etiquette (cont 'd)


October 14

4:30-5:30pm        Choosing aDance Style/Song Recognition


October 21

4:30-5:30pm        Choosing a Dance Style/Song Recognition (cont'd)


October 28

4:30-5:30pm        Regalia Care & Respect (children) Braiding Hair


November 4

4:30-5:30pm        Specialty Dances, Snake Dance & Side Step


November 11

3:00-5:00pm        Specialty Dances, Crow Hop & Sneak-Up


November 18

4:30-5:30pm        Dancing


Novcmbcr 25

4:30-5:30pm        Dancing


December 2

4:30-5:30pm        Dancing


December 9

4:30-5:30pm        Performance Practice for final graduation performance/Dress Rehearsal


December 16


4:30-5:30pm        Sr. & Jr. Awa rds Graduation Ceremony Broadway Theatre


Download Sign Up Form

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