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Project Venture Volunteers Needed!
4/3/2023 12:51:00 PM - Recreation

Volunteers will:

• Be a part of a year-long Tribal Youth development program

based on outdoor wilderness adventure, experiential learning

and Anishinaabe cultural traditions.

• Assist in weekly afterschool programs running 2 hours long

once a week.

• Attend weekend adventure outings and assist with activities

once a month.

• Attend and assist students with Digital Story telling project

in the Summer.

• MUST be able to participate and attend the 4 night camping

trip in August.

Who can be a Project Venture volunteer?

• Adults 18 and older can apply.

• Must pass a background check.

• Must be willing to work with Tribal Youth – engaging,

communicating, being actively involved in cultural activities, games

and all skill building exercises.

• Must be in good physical health to be able to hike, bike, climb and

participate with youth during program activities.

How do you apply?

To apply for volunteer opportunities with

Project Venture, please contact Tahsheenah Foley.

• Phone: 989.775.5804 • Email:

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