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Estate Planning Clinic Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal Members & Community Members
3/16/2023 3:37:00 PM - Andahwod Senior Care

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MILS will be offering FREE legal assistance for those who qualify!

Last Will and Testament
General Durable Power of Attorney
Medical Durable Power of Attorney
Funereal Representative Designation
Lady Bird Deeds

Join staff from MILS to learn about the estate planning services available. This free
program is available to those who make up to 500% of the poverty and eligibility
guidelines, making estate planning accessible to more people.
Unable to make it, but still interested? MILS can assist via Zoom or over the phone!
Please call MILS at (231) 947-0122 to schedule a time for assistance with your estate
MILS also offers services statewide to income - eligible individuals. Some areas
include loss of essential services support, criminal expungrment, work to preserve
Indian families, and other community legal services. Learn more about our
services at

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