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Asset Renewal and Replacement RFQ
3/13/2023 3:49:00 PM - Bidding Opportunities

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Request for Qualifications

On behalf of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, Tribal Council is preparing to receive qualification

letters from interested individuals/companies for project management and oversight to our newly

developed asset renewal and replacement program based from engineering assessments and

evaluations within an annually developed budget. Our asset renewal and replacement program is

conceptually designed to update our twenty-plus governmental buildings and components as they

mature, need repair, or need to be replaced (roofing, interior/exterior finishes, HVAC, drives/parking

lots are examples of target areas).

Please review the scope of services below to assist with your qualification letter.

Scope of Services

o Establish and manage project components

o Attend and participate in all project related meetings

o Develop project management plan

• Including objectives

• Deliverables

• Roles and responsibilities

• Communication protocols

• Document control

• Cost management

• Schedule management

• Quality management plan

o Develop and maintain overall project schedule of owner responsibilities, permitting

requirements and construction schedule

o If necessary, develop project budget for construction including soft costs, FF+E, and contingency

o Establish and manage a document control solution including document structure, file types,

access and security

o Assist the owner in qualifying, selecting, retaining, and coordinating additional professional

services including community task force/committee, design team, construction management

team, and general contractor

o Prepare and issue RFPs, conduct bid tabulations, evaluate proposals and make

recommendations to the owner

o During construction, advise the owner regarding status of budget, schedule and quality by

issuance of monthly project reports

o Schedule and conduct onsite progress meetings involving owner/rep, designer and construction

managers to review, resolve, and plan areas of budget, schedule and quality (all meetings must

be recorded via accurate and informative meeting minutes)

o Review requests for changes by submitting written recommendations to the Tribal Council and

negotiate change orders on behalf and benefit of the tribe

o Review pay applications by consultants and trade contractors for progress and final payments

o Establish and coordinate a technology plan for the project (if applicable)

o Maintain all project records

o Observe trade contractors final testing and start-up of utilities, operational systems, and


o Coordinate all inspections including review of contractor's punch list

o Schedule and facilitate a lessons learned meeting at conclusion of project and initiate

policy/procedure modifications as needed

Please include within your qualification letter an outline of your project experiences and an overview of

your standard project approach. Please forward your detailed proposals along with references to:

Tribal Council

c/o Asset Renewal & Replacement Program

7500 Soaring Eagle Boulevard

Mount Pleasant, Ml 48858