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Maamwi Noojimodaa (Lets Heal Together) - Tonight!
1/27/2023 2:40:00 PM - 7th Generation Programs

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Healing Event Flyer

Friday, Jan. 27, 2023 

Time: 7 p.m.

7th Generation Elijah Elk Cultural Center Ceremonial Building

(7957 E. Remus Rd., Mt. Pleasant, MI)

Three Fires Anishinabe Kwe Nokomis, Punkin Shananaquet, will lead a Healing Event using our Jingle Dresses and fans for the heart of our community.

Who is requested to come: Jingle Dress Dancers and Saginaw Chippewa Community.

Why: When members of our community are hurting, we all are hurting.

Presenters: Punkin Shananaquet, Annie Humphrey and Geezis Summer Humphrey.

Please, we are in need of:

Grandmother helpers

Two Spirit helpers

Youth helpers

  •  Miijim (food) will be offered 
  • Storytelling and music offerings afterward by Annie Humphrey

Kwe wag, please wear skirts if able

Dancers please bring fans  


Healing Event 2023

Healing Event 2023

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