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Residential Curbside Collection Service
11/22/2021 10:33:00 AM - Planning


Residential Curbside Collection Service


Services include the following:


1.    Weekly curbside collection


2.    (1) 96 gallon container per residence


3.    Includes 1 large item (list follows) or up to 4 extra bags

a.     Furniture item

b.    Three (3) passenger tires off the rim

c.     Appliance

d.    Water heater

e.     Washer

f.      Dryer

g.     Dry carpeting cut into four foot lengths or less, tied and securely bundled

h.    Construction material cut into four foot lengths or less, tied and securely bundled. 

i.       Three (3) passenger car tires off the rim

j.       All other bulk items must be boxed or bundled weighing no more than 50 lbs. each, with a maximum of four feet.

k.    Refrigerators and other appliances that contain or once contained Freon or other types of coolant must have Freon/coolant removed by a certified contractor, who must affix a certification sticker to each unit indicating the Freon/coolant has been removed prior to collection. 

                                                                         i.      This is not an all-inclusive list of items requiring special attention.


4.    Waste must be curbside by 6:00 am the day of pickup


5.    Driver not responsible for waste that is not properly bagged or secured


6.    If additional bins are needed,the resident will be responsible for the additional cost


7.    Yard waste is not allowed.  You may take yard waste to Isabella County Material Recovery Facility, 4208 E. River Rd., Mt. Pleasant.

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