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Protect your family and friends by getting immunized!
10/5/2021 10:40:00 AM - Nimkee Clinic

Protect your family and friends by getting immunized!  Our next vaccination clinic is Wednesday from 1-4 pm.   Walk in, no appointment needed!  We are at Nimkee Clinic Public health (2591 South Leaton).  We will have the Moderna Covid 19 and Influenza vaccines.  We will also have flu vaccine clinics coming up including a drive through clinic this Saturday.  I

There will also be a couple clinics in November, dates to be announced.


The CDC has announced that people that are moderately to severely immunocompromised may get a Moderna vaccine booster at this time.  If you aren’t sure if you fit the current criteria please discuss it with your medical care provider.  Moderna has submitted a proposal for further boosters but it takes time to get approval.


The CDC and FDA have now approved a Pfizer booster for certain populations that had Pfizer for their first 2 shots, please see below.   Nimkee does not have Pfizer boosters at this time but it is easy to get one in town.  Meijers and other pharmacies have had it recently, please check with them.  Also check with the Health Department on Isabella.


Michigan also has a new portal available so that you can check your own immunization history – please see Michigan Immunization Portal (


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