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Protect yourself and others!
9/14/2021 2:04:00 PM - Nimkee Clinic

Protect your family and friends by getting immunized!  Our next Covid 19 vaccination clinic is tomorrow (Wednesday) from 1-4 pm.   Walk in at Nimkee Clinic Public health.  This Moderna clinic is free and open to everyone. The CDC has announced that people that are moderately to severely immunocompromised may get a booster at this time.  If you aren’t sure if you fit the current criteria please discuss it with your medical care provider.  The booster should be the same as your initial Covid vaccinations if at all possible.


The CDC and FDA are also talking about expanding boosters to get one 8 months after the second.  Check your card for the date of your second.  Michigan also has a new portal available so that you can check your own immunization history – please see Michigan Immunization Portal (


Flu shots!  Hard to believe that it is almost fall.  We will have flu shots for Nimkee clients and employees.  We usually start after October 1st so watch for announcements later in September.


For more information about the Covid vaccine please see -


For more information about Covid please see -


Latest guidelines for those who are vaccinated - Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People | CDC


Due to the Delta variant we have an increased number of tests and positive cases in the last few weeks so please continue to take precautions as recommended by the CDC.  Please be careful!

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