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RFP Elder's 4-Plex Housing
7/31/2020 8:27:00 AM - Public Relations






Project Title:              ADULT FOURPLEX HOUSING


Date Issued:               August 1, 2020


Responses due:          August 30, 2020 by 5pm


Issued By:                  The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of MI


Address:                     2710 Makwa Rd., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858


Contact:                     Tom Kequom, Construction Project Manager




                                    (989) 775-4070




Project Overview:     New construction, using a conventional project delivery methodfor a residential fourplex housing unit intended to house elder members of the Tribe. Each unit of the fourplex will contain 2 bedrooms providing living space for up to 8 adults. The Tribe has an increased need to provide housing that is ADA compliant inside and outside the building.




Company Background:        The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of MI is a federally recognized tribal government. The Saginaw Chippewa Housing Department (SCHD)is wholly owned and operated by the Tribe located on the Isabella reservation in Isabella County; MI. SCHD has been operating a low-income rental housing program for over 30 years, with funding from the Indian Housing Block Grant awarded through HUD and the NAHASDA legislation. The SCHD is seeking to increase its rental housing inventory by constructing a fourplex residential unit on the Isabella reservation at a site contiguous to the Andahwod Elders facility located at 2910 S. Leaton Road, Mt. Pleasant, MI.




Project Goals:


·         Develop a full set of plans from concept schematic drawings to bidding and construction administration


·         Incorporate ADA accessibility for two of the four units


·         The structure will incorporate shared drive way and parking areas with car ports


·         Incorporate sustainable initiatives with a focus on energy efficient construction and appliances


·         Incorporate low maintenance design that is easily cleaned


·         Incorporate an outdoor gathering area


·         Incorporate a similar design and color scheme to match or complement the existing Andahwod building: 43°36’06”N 84°42’18”W.




Project Scope of Work/Schematic designs:






·         Analyze site locations with respect to utility access and capacity


·         Analyze current Andahwod systems to evaluate what systems can be potentially shared like fire alarm, fire sprinkler systems etc.


·         Develop schematic design options including preliminary budget estimates so Owner can select the site location for the next design phase.






·         Per selected schematic design phase selection complete the following


·         Turn-key project design utilizing IBC 2009 and SCIT building codes


·         Civil, Site, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Utility Entrances, Low Voltage, Landscaping, and Irrigation system designs


·         Interior design plans, including lighting


·         Provide a breakdown of project costs for each area listed above


·         Deliverable of full project plans, including both digital AutoCad files and physical plans and specs, As-built drawings


·         Deliverable of full project design, including all FFE and building material specification documents


·         Prior to release of bids provide Owner with updated budget estimates.






·         Distribute bid documents to selected contractors


·         Respond to any questions from contractors and provide addendums as needed


·         Participate in the review of construction bids and selection of a general contractor


·         Participate in post bid contractor interviews as needed






·         Facilitate all necessary zoning, permits, surveys, environmental needs, submittals of shop drawing revisions


·         Participate in monthly meetings with the general contractor and owner, travel expenses to attend these meetings should not be included in the proposal


·         Issue RFI’s as needed from the contractor.


·         Review pay applications on a monthly basis






·         Develop project punch list and submit to contractor.


·         Provide the Owner with three (3) sets of as-built drawings with one (1) electronic copy and assemble three (3) hard copies of O/M manuals and finish material documentation.




The project must be completed in 26 months. Project Deliverables Schedule:


The work will commence immediately upon execution of a contract.  For completion of the preliminary conceptual design phase and budgetary costing 3 months. For the design process and delivery of the final plans and specifications 8 months. The bidding process for a general contractor will take 1 month. Construction of the project will be 14 months.




Possible roadblocks:  Weather events and labor shortages.




Budget constraints:   This construction project is grant funded through HUD/NAHASDA. The project is limited to the total development cost cap set in place by HUD, Notice PIH-2016-07 regarding the maximum amount of funds that may be used to develop affordable housing under NAHASDA. Housing constructed under this grant must be of moderate design as described in 24 CFR 1000.156. The total amount expended on this project may not exceed $1,278,724. All contractors and subcontractors will be required to follow Davis-Bacon wage reporting requirements. Other federal requirements can be found at 24 CFR Part 1000 and 24 CFR Part 85.




Required Information:


·         The principal address of the firm, a brief history and services offered


·         Company profile (principals, years in business, staff names, their titles and licenses)


·         List of qualifications/technical capabilities of staff


·         Contact information for each staff member on the project: phone, fax and email


·         State of MI License Number


·         Workers Compensation Experience Modification Factor


·         Provide a listing and license numbers of all sub-contractors (MI driver’s license number for background check)


·         Certificate of insurance (indicate level of professional and general liability coverage)




Evaluation metrics; a points system will be used to compile a total score for eachsubmissionbased on the following:


·         Total cost for services


·         Not on the federal government’s debarred list


·         Better Business Bureau Rating


·         Examples of similarly completed projects, format should be no larger than 8 ½ by 11 sheets, and only include enough material to be illustrative of former projects.


·         Experience with new construction projects completed on time and on budget


·         3 Client written references, include their contact information (within the last 5 years)


·         Native Preferenceshall be a consideration


·         Small, woman, minority and service disabled veteran-owned business, if yes, provide documentation.




The SCHD will evaluate the architect firm who is responsive to all administrative and technical requirements of this RFP, and who has demonstrated competence and qualifications for the type of services required. The firm with the highest rating will be notified via US mail.




Submission deadline: Proposals must be emailed to: and no later than 5pm on August 30, 2020.




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