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Nimkee Fitness: October Group Exercise Classes
9/25/2019 9:44:00 AM - Nimkee Fitness

BEGIN: Beginner Exercisers Getting It Now!
Monday, Wednesday & Friday  |  6:30 a.m.  |  Contact: 989.775.4694

A Boot Camp created for beginners   • Featuring a Workout of the Day each day


L.I.F.E. Strength & Conditioning
Monday - Wednesday, Friday  |  Contact: 989.775.4694

You can attend class or drop in for the Workout of the Day   • Great variety and a fun challenge every day!


Monday  |  1:10 p.m.  |  Contact: 989.775.4696

An interval based fitness class that will help you melt away the calories


Butt, Gut and Guns
Tuesday  |  4:10 p.m.  |  Contact: 989.775.4696


Tuesday & Thursday  |  5:20 p.m.  |  Contact: 989.775.4696

A warm and welcoming class for Beginners who are looking to relax and get a good stretch at the end of their day


Turbo Kick
Thursday  |  1:10 p.m.  |  Contact: 989.775.4696

An upbeat class utilizing various routines of punching, kicking, and plyometrics


Suspension Training
Thursday  |  12:10 p.m.  |  Contact: 989.775.4696

A class utilizing the suspension trainer along with other modes to exercise for a great workout

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