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Department of Recreation Future Leaders Program
8/26/2019 9:18:00 AM - Recreation


Dear Parents & Guardians:




Thank you for selecting the Future Leaders Program as your choice to educate your child in a structure afterschool program. This is a responsibility that SCIT Recreation Staff take seriously. The check-off list on the next page can be used as a guide for completing this application. The Future Leaders Program will also charge a small fee to offset cost for food.




Falsification or withholding any information in this application will be grounds for non- acceptance or revocation of your child's admission.




Make sure ALL necessary copies of documents are attached. Incomplete application packages will not be reviewed. The Recreation staff will review and notify each applicant by mail or phone as to the status of his or her application. Complete application packages will be reviewed in order of submission.




We look forward to providing a safe and healthy environment for our youth. Our goal is to increase opportunities for our youth to try new experiences and to encourage them to take part in activities together, supporting one another. Our Department looks forward to becoming part of your child extended family.






-          Recreation Staff



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