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Music and Comedy Night - Live Webcast Wednesday, July 23 6-9pm
7/22/2014 7:38:32 PM - Ziibiwing Cultural Center


 Spirits Rising


 Amateur Comedy Slam 

 Prizes to participants!


 Kid’s Bouncers

 Face Painting

 Balloon Animals 

 $5 Caricatures

 Music & Comedy

 Night Co-Sponsors:

 USI Insurance Services and Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel


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Featuring Musical Guests:

Spirits Rising

Joe Reilly, Allison Radell


Joe Reilly is a singer, songwriter, and educator from Ann Arbor who writes songs from his heart. Joe’s 

songs are playful, clever, engaging, joyful, and always have something meaningful to say. The core of his 

message is an invitation to heal our relationships with our selves, with each other, and with the earth. Joe uses 

his music to bring people together and build community across lines of race, class, gender, ethnicity, religion, 

age, and nationality. 

Joe is Italian, Irish, and Native American (Cherokee) and was raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan in a creative 

household by musical parents who encouraged him to find his own voice. Joe loves to inspire others to do the 

same and to water seeds of compassion, joy, wisdom, and peace in our collective consciousness through the 

sharing of his music. 

Joe has recorded seven albums of his music, including two children’s albums of environmental songs, Children 

of the Earth (2007) and Let’s Go Outside (2011). In 2012 Joe recorded an album of traditional and 

contemporary Native American songs with youth from the Dream Seekers youth program at American Indian 

Health and Family Services in Detroit. Joe’s most recent album is Greyhound Bus Tour, released in May 2013 

on the Earthwork Music label.

Find photos, music, and more at

Allison Radell is an inspiring and creative pianist, singer, and songwriter. She has studied classical and 

jazz piano and enjoys playing a variety of genres. She performs with a jazz trio, a rock band, as a solo artist, and 

as a duo with Joe Reilly. In addition to performing, Allison also teaches piano and hopes to one day open her 

own music school. Allison (Powhatan) is also a fancy shawl pow wow dancer, and enjoys dancing for her 

ancestors and elders in the sacred circle, remembering the contributions they have made to her life. She is 

currently recording her first album of original songs.

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