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Nimkee Pharmacy Open 1/30/2019
1/30/2019 8:00:00 AM - Nimkee Clinic

Nimkee Pharmacy will be open Wednesday 1/30/19 8am-12:00pm operating with a skeleton crew, please be patient as they are coming in to assist our community.

Nimkee Medical, Dental, Public Health and Fitness is closed today  Wednesday 1/30/19.

Nimkee on-call doctor 989-317-2088.


Teledoc 1-800-362-2667 or (you don’t have to leave home, they even see children under 2 years of age).


Children under the age of two years must be seen in an the ER or Teledoc, Urgent Care won’t be able to see them.


All medical visits must be reported to PRC hot line 989-775-4633.


Please send all prescriptions after 11:00am to Meijer Pharmacy. If you are PRC eligible let them know and your prescription will be zero cost to you.


We will continue to update our main phone line 989-775-4600.


Stay warm!

Karmen Fox

Executive Health Director

Nimkee Clinic