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Behavioral Health Celebrating Families Group
1/30/2019 9:34:00 AM - Behavioral Health


We are pushing the start date back for Celebrating Families! to February 12th in order to get a few more families through intake/registration. Which means the program will end June 4. Please call or email me if you have questions. The attached referral can be sent to me. I will be sending out an updated flyer once it is completed.


Shuna Stevens

Prevention Coordinator

Behavioral Health Program






Behavioral Health still has open spots for the Celebrating Families! Program.  If you or a family you know would be a good fit to participate in this Evidence Based group for families affected by chemical dependency (current or in recovery), then please contact Shuna Stevens, Prevention Coordinator for Behavioral Health, for more information, a referral form, or to schedule an intake (989) 775-4850.

It’s an evidence based cognitive behavioral, support group model written for families in which one or both parents have a serious problem with alcohol or other drugs and in which there is a high risk for domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect.

16 week curriculum that addresses the needs of children and parents in families that have serious problems with al-cohol and other drugs.

Works with every member of the family, from ages 3 through adult, to strengthen recovery from alcohol and/or other drugs, break the cycle of addition and increase suc-cessful family reunification.

Integrates traditional Native teachings and cultural practic-es, including the Healing Forest Model, as a framework allowing each community to include traditional practices.

Utilizes materials developed for Children of Alcoholics with the teaching and reinforcing of life skills.

Session Agenda:

 Family Meal - about 30 minutes

 Small groups (by age group) - about 60-80 minutes

 Family Activity - about 20-30 minutes


Schedule for Winter/Spring 2019:

 Jan. 29 - Session 1: Orientation and Getting Started

 Feb. 5 - Session 2: Healthy Living

 Feb. 12 - Session 3: Nutrition

 Feb. 19 - Session 4: Communication

 Feb. 26 - Session 5: Feelings and Defenses

 March 5 - Session 6: Anger Management

 March 12 - Session 7: Facts About Alcohol,

 Tobacco, and Other Drugs

 March 19 - Session 8: Chemical Dependency Is a Disease

 March 26 - No Session this week, spring break!

 April 2 - Session 9: Chemical Dependency

 Affects the Whole Family

 April 9 - Session 10: Goal Setting

 April 16 - Session 11: Making Healthy Choices

 April 23 - Session 12: Healthy Boundaries

 April 30 - Session 13: Healthy Friendships and Relationships

 May 7 - Session 14: How We Learn

May 14 - Session 15: Our Uniqueness

 May 21 - Session 16: Celebration!


Intake and Registration Required. 

Contact Shuna Stevens, Prevention Coordinator at Behavioral Health for more information, 

989.775.4850 or


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