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Fall Feast
10/1/2018 1:20:00 PM - 7th Generation Programs

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Guest speakers:

Marie Eshkibok-Trudeau

Marie is from the Odawa tribe from Wikwemikong First

Nation Reserve located on Manitoulin Island. She has

two daughters and ??ve grandchildren. Marie is a carrier

of her father’s WWII Midewin Eagle staff. Being a

Grandmother of a grandmothers pipe has enabled her to

continue teaching culture across Native America. She

also holds a bachelor of education degree from Nipissing

University in North Bay Ontario.

Willie Trudeau

Willie is an Ojibwe, Odawa from the Wikwemikong

reserve on Manitoulin Island. He is a graduate from

Laurentian university. He is a craftsman in beadwork,

quill work, and wood working. He dances as a

traditional dancer and is a 3rd degree in the

minoowewiigan midewin lodge. He also has two

daughters and Five grandchildren.

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