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Nishnaabe’ aadseng (The Native Way of Life)
6/23/2022 10:42:00 AM - Behavioral Health

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(Everything is Included) 

Each week throughout the summer we will be meeting for cultural teachings and fun activities. 

Weekly programming will be open to 5th-8th grade 

  • Week 1—June 28  Broadway Park: Ice Breakers, Games, tie-dye
  • Week 2—July 5  Beach Day and Cookout
  • Week 3—July 12  Buckley’s: Canoeing and Kayaking 
  • Week 4—July 19  Broadway Park: Lacrosse and Traditional Games
  • Week 5—August 2  Deerfield Park: Foraging and Medicines
  • Week 6—August 9  Mackinaw Island: Family Trip

*We will move to 7th Generation Ceremonial building if the weather is too hot or in case of rain.

Time:  12:30-4:30 

  • Lunch Provided: 12:30-1:30
  • Teaching and activity: 1:30-4:30

Registration Required 

  • Students must register before attending
  • To register, please email:


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