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Indian Child Welfare Committe Vacancy
3/15/2022 10:49:00 AM - Anishnaabeg Child and Family Services

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ICWC Vacancy 3-14-22.pdf

The Indian Child Welfare Committee (ICWC) has been established to

provide community input on the welfare of children of the Tribe. They make

recommendations to the Tribal Court regarding termination of parental rights,

guardianships, and/or adoptions, and the appropriate disposition of any minor

in need of care. The ICWC also license foster homes and child care centers.

The ICWC meets twice a month with special and/or emergency meetings

occurring on occasion.

There is currently 1 Vacancy on the ICWC Board.

Letters of interest must be submitted to:

Anishnaabeg Child & Family Services

by April 29, 2022

• Please include your contact information and a brief statement

about why you would like to be on the ICWC in your letter.

For more information, please contact:

Felicia Bross at 989-775-4906

Send letter of interest to:

Anishnaabeg Child & Family Services

7500 E Broadway Rd

Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

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