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Tribal Court Reopening June 8, 2020
6/4/2020 8:34:00 AM - Court

We're reopening June 8, 2020.


As the court prepares to open, court employees will continue to work remotely as much

as possible. The frequency and use of remote hearings will continue for the first few

weeks. Following that hearings will resume in the courtroom and will be limited to

litigants and their attorney's. Anyone with a previously scheduled hearing or pending

court matter will receive notice, via the US mail, regarding future hearing dates. Any and

all documents that need to be filed with the court must have an appointment before

entering the building. Please call 775-4800 to request a meeting.


Zoom Hearings

For all parties, who receive a notice to appear for a proceeding via Zoom video

conference technology, it is !mportant to understand that the court is not able to provide

you with technical assistance, nor time to test and/or troubleshoot technical issues.

Parties are advised to please take the time, before a scheduled court date, to test your

device, gain familiarity with the platform, and insure that your connection is adequate. If

you are not able to use Zoom video, you may appear by phone, the information is

provided on your notice to appear.


Walk-in service

All members of the public are required to wear a face mask or face covering upon

entering the courthouse, to the extent that it is medically tolerable. Social distancing

protocols have been implemented and will also be required for all persons to follow

upon entering the public safety building. Also, a security checkpoint has been

implemented with a mandatory temperature check and questionnaire to be completed in

order to gain entrance.