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Project Venture - Snow Snakes
1/31/2020 3:48:00 PM - Youth Task Force

Next Tuesday, February 4th Project Venture Students will be playing a fun game of SNOW SNAKES that were hand-crafted by Aaron Hernandez and Hunter Sagaskie from the Zaagaate Mentoring Program. Thank you both so much for creating these for our Tribal Youth to use in the Winter time. These are one of a kind SNOW SNAKES. A Project Venture student painted these and we will finish them up to be ready for use by next Tuesday.


“Snow snakes are wooden poles that are carved and weighted to slide well over snow or ice. The purpose of the game is to see who can slide their snow snake the farthest on a specially prepared track. The snow snake game is a test of both skill and strength, and a good throw can easily clear several hundred yards. If the snow conditions are just right, a deft hand might send a snow snake a mile or more.”


Just a reminder, Project Venture after school Tribal Youth Program meets EVERY TUESDAY from 3:45-5:00pm at the Family Resource Center located at 2450 Sowmick Drive. We do fun cultural skill building activities, experiential learning activities and lots of fun team building exercises that help form strong relationships among the students. We are always looking to add more students in our program. We also take our students on Monthly Outdoor Adventures and Challenges like snowshoeing, skiing, backpacking and tubing!


If you are interested in enrolling your student into our Project Venture program, please contact me, Dolores Winn, to get the paperwork and we can get them started right away.We have many fun ADVENTURES planned for this 2020 School year.


Stay tuned for a list of our Monthly Outdoor Adventures and Service Projects we have planned.


Learn more about SNOW SNAKES here:


Have a great weekend everyone!


Here are our beautifully handcrafted Snow Snakes made with the 7 Grandfather Teachings. 

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