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Grandmother Moon Ceremony
1/28/2015 2:00:00 PM - Midewiwin Society

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Grandmother Moon Ceremony Monday @ 6:30pm

February 2, Behavioral Health Large Teepee

Namebini Giizis, Sucker Moon

also known as Bears Turning Over in Their Den Moon


We give honor and respect to our Grandmother Moon and give to all the line of Grandmothers in our families. Together we give thanks for the life giving waters and our sacred foods. It is a powerful time of prayer for our relatives and to be together as women and celebrate our path in life, Mino Nekahnah Bemadizewin.


Namebini Giizis is the spawning time of the fish known as the sucker. The male and females suckers, swim up river in huge numbers, which make them easy game for people. At full moon ceremonies tobacco is offered to the waters in thanksgiving for the Namebini. February is also known as Makwa Gwekishing Giizis, Bears Turning Over in Their Dens Moon.  The male bear turns over in the den in order to peek out and check on things. The female bear turns over; she airs out the den and moves things around. When she lies back down she positions her body so that when the little ones are born they will be safely tucked away inside the den protected from the cold air.


Please wear your skirts, your feast dish and bring your tobacco, yellow cloth will be provided for your tobacco ties. All women are welcome and encouraged to attend!



FMI: Beatrice Jackson 989-775-4879

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