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Donnie Dowd Traditional Healer will be at Behavioral Health on February 10 & 11
1/28/2015 2:00:00 PM - Midewiwin Society

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Men and Womens Sweat Lodge

February 10 at 5 pm- 9 pm

Come early for lodge teaching

Please bring your tobacco offering,

 Appropriate cotton clothing.


Traditional Appointments Wednesday, February 11

10am-10:30am and 1pm-4pm

Traditional Counseling, Healing Ceremony


Each Healer has a purpose and that purpose is to help the people. They tend not to call themselves Healers but might refer to themselves as helpers in Traditional Healing or helpers to the spirits. The presentation of tobacco is an appropriate protocol for an appointment with a healer.”


Behavioral Health Building

2800 S. Shepherd Rd.

Call for appointment

(989) 775-4850

Please bring your Tobacco

This is a Traditional Protocol



 FMI Beatrice Jackson, Helping Healer 775-4879

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