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Facilitator Training for Sons and Daughters of Tradition Training
6/19/2018 8:04:00 AM - Behavioral Health

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-Event Flyer-

We need you, COMMUNITY MEMBERS, to make a difference in the lives of our Tribal Youth, so please join us for this facilitation training.  You will receive your training from the nationally trusted native organization, White Bison Inc./Wellbriety Training Institute.  



We are in need of people for both Daughters of Tradition and Sons of Tradition.  However we have a greater need for men to step up to become trained in the facilitation of these awesome prevention programs.  Currently we only have 3 men who are registered. 


Please take a leap out of your comfort zone and at least become a certified trained facilitator!  Behavioral Health Prevention is committed to supporting you and will assist in whatever you need so we can ensure these programs are successful.  


The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe's Behavioral Health Program is happy to announce Daughters and Sons of Tradition Facilitator Training.  

Daughters of Tradition (DoT) and Sons of Tradition (SoT) are prevention programs that provide a character-building framework that will enable youth (age depends on curriculum) to create healthy identities for themselves as young Native women or men.  If you would like to facilitate these programs in your school, church, community, or in collaboration with SCIT Behavioral Health's Prevention Program* then this training is for you. 

We will have combination sessions with both DoT and SoT and then breakout sessions for the specific topic areas will run concurrently.  Attendance and active participation in all 3 days, 8am-5pm, will be required in order to be a DoT or SoT certified facilitator, this commitment is non-negotiable.  

We are encouraging community members, employees, parents, grandparents, etc. who would like to become trained to facilitate these programs either on their own, through a community youth group, or through collaboration with Behavioral Health Prevention to register.  Collaboration with BH Prevention will not require a huge time commitment as we would call upon you when needed, or for your interested topic area, and we will supply materials necessary for all BH Prevention ran groups.  

Light Breakfast will be provided each day.  Lunch will be on your own.


*All facilitators need to be able to successfully pass a background check in order to work with youth.


If you have any questions or want to be added to the email list for the training registration please call or email me at (989) 775-4824 or  Registration will be available soon.


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