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Training And Developement

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe achieves its overall business goals through the efforts of each of our associates. The primary goal of training and development programs is to improve individual and organizational performance for better business results. Training programs not only help associates increase their effectiveness by building and refining job skills, but greatly enhance the level of guest service provided by the casino, resort and Tribal Operations. The Training and Development Department also assists departments in coordinating in-house departmental training opportunities to meet their specific needs.

The Training Department staff people have participated in success stories through coaching and finding helpful resources. In the words of Slot Manager, Randy Barnes, “We can not thank all of you enough for the different programs that are implemented to make for a much better work environment. The efforts have made a profound difference for our shift through our guest satisfaction.”

Training and Development Department programs are designed to:

  • Create a sense of community by offering consistent orientation information for new associates.
  • Prepare supervisors and managers for increased or new responsibilities.
  • Build and refine skills by providing instruction and practice in work-related areas such as leadership, conducting performance evaluations, business writing, public speaking, and customer service.
  • Improve interpersonal skills through human relations training and increase productivity by improving communication between supervisors and associates.
  • Increase associate retention and build loyalty through organization-wide training events.
  • Provide opportunities for associates to engage in self development with a training library with books, videos and CDs.
  • Enhance workplace harmony by providing programs that encourage sensitivity toward persons of all cultures and abilities.
  • Foster good associate relations and reduce turnover by providing programs that lead to greater job satisfaction and improved promotional opportunities.
  • Enhance the overall well being of associates by offering personal development programs on topics of concern such as leadership, safety, stress management and interpersonal communication skills.

One goal of the Tribe is for all associates to make the maximum contribution to their departments, thereby enhancing the overall productivity. Training will enable the Tribe to reach this goal by encouraging associates to develop talents and skills appropriate for improving their job effectiveness.