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12 Steps Towards Debt Freedom

  • WE admit that we have trouble controlling our financial behavior
  • WE now believe that we have the power to transform our finances by taking control
  • WE made a decision to change the behavior that led to our financial mistakes
  • WE decided to look in the mirror for a more in depth look at what we need to change
  • WE are willing to share with others our stories of struggle and survival due to our mistakes
  • WE resolve to no longer borrow money to subsidize our income, and to live off of less than we make
  • WE remind ourselves that the borrower is slave to the lender when we are weak
  • WE decided to create a budget, in order to track our spending habits more closely
  • WE have realized that contentment is key to controlling our wants and desires
  • WE are committed to exploring frugality as a means to being less wasteful with our money
  • WE understand the importance of savings and are committed to building these funds to strengthen our financial security
  • WE know we will at times be weak, and when that comes, we will search for the strength and the courage to remain grounded in these principles