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SCIT Housing Advisory Committee

The Saginaw Chippewa Housing Department (SCHD) is dedicated to providing safe and affordable housing opportunities as well as empowering our community residents with the financial skills to be successful tenants and homeowners.

The role of the SCIT Advisory Committee is to work with the SCHD staff to assist with establishing and updating policies and procedures affecting the residents and tenants participating in SCHD programs. One of the committee’s main goals is to help improve communication between the tenants and the Housing department.

The Advisory Committee is NOT in charge of emergencies. If you have an emergency with your unit please call 989-621-2669 (for maintenance emergency) or 911 (for medical emergency).


Danya Johansen

Vice Chairperson

Danielle (Dany) Sineway


Fanella Poola
Vicki Camp
Zachary Gauger

If you would like to communicate to the entire Housing committee; please e-mail: