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Renting a Low Income House

"Helping Tribal Families Find Homes"

Saginaw Chippewa Housing
2451 Nish Na Be Anong Rd
Mt Pleasant, MI 48858
(989) 775-4595

Step 1

Admissions Meeting

Meet with the Admissions and Occupancy Specialist to see if you Qualify - (989) 775- 4532 or e-mail Miranda Pelcher-Miley at

Step 2

Fill Out Application

  1. Three landlord References
  2. Three letters of Reference
  3. Documentation of Income
  4. SS Cards for ALL family members
  5. Tribal cards for All famity members
  6. Documentation of being homeless or sub-living conditions
  7. Documentation of Assets
  8. Criminal History Report - ICHAT

Step 3

Background Check

SCHD checks out the following
  • References
  • Income levels
  • Tribal Affliliation
  • Family Members
  • Assets
  • Criminal History
  • Housing Assistance Needs

Step 4


  • You will be notified in writing within 5 business days. Whether or not you qualify.
  • If Qualified you will be put on the Waiting List
  • If you are not Qualified - SCHD will state the reason(s) and advise you of options
Housing Options Available
  • Eight CAP - 989-772-0110
  • MT Pleasant Housing - 989-773-3784

Step 5

Rental Waiting List

  • SCHD will select eligible applicants from the rental waiting list
  • Update application every 90 days
  • Failure to update application 90 days will remove you and your family from the waiting list.

Step 6

Time to Move in

Admissions and Occupancy Specialist will cover:
  • Admissions and Occupancy Rental
  • Collections Policy
  • Maintenance Policy
  • HUD Rules and Regulations
  • Tribal Rules
There is a $500.00 security Deposit due at move in