Parks and Recreation Staff Shout outs

(Director's Note: The SCIT Parks & Recreation department is always looking to serve the community better and we are offering this new web feature "Staff Shoutout" to profile current recreation programs and activity within our area )

May 17, 2012: Staff Shoutout - Parks & Recreation Director Ronnie Ekdahl

The SCIT Parks and Recreation department is finishing the Youth basketball season with a recognition and awards banquet (May 31 from 6 to 8pm at the Eagles Nest Tribal Gym) for all youth and their families who participated in the 2012 County/Morey leagues and travel teams. (-More-)

March 5, 2012: Staff Shoutout - Youth Facilities Assistant Chase Owl

"I was still a baby when I hit the ice for the first time. Almost as soon as I could walk I was learning to ice skate. With growing up in the great state of Minnesota J, it was only natural that all of my sports life was dedicated to playing hockey."(-More-)

Feb. 21, 2012: Staff Shoutout - Youth Facilities Coordinator Kevin Ricketts

My shout out for this week is to the Parks & Recreation Team. With all the different programs and events that SCIT Parks & Recreation has going on, our team has met the challenges and is tireless. If I might say a few names, Youth Facilities Assistants Lucas Sprague and Chase Owl have put there stamp on the men's basketball league. The adult competitive basketball fever is back on the REZ, and it's because of the hard work they both put in by planning, organizing, and being creative. (-More-)

Our first "Staff Shoutout" is from our Youth Facilities Assistant Rosanna Romero

Consuelo Gonzalez's 6th grade Eagle girls basketball team did an amazing job during both games in Ithaca on Sunday February 5, 2012 against Fulton and Ithaca! The first game against Fulton (24-25) was very competitive, the girls team won by 1 point. The girls were so happy that they won their first game that they were ready to play the next game.