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To report all employee theft, suspicious activity, Gaming Code and MIC violations, etc. Call the Gaming Commission Hot Line 1-866-578-8520 toll free and Confidential

Resolution 97-082

Pursuant to this authority and through the passage of the Saginaw Chippewa Gaming Ordinance the Tribal Council established the Saginaw Chippewa Gaming Commission and delegated to the Commission the power to regulate gaming activities within the jurisdiction of the Tribe and other related regulatory powers.

Powers of the Commission

  • To oversee the day-to-day operation of and to supervise, inspect and regulate all gaming activities within the jurisdiction of the Tribe.
  • To enact and enforce such rules and regulations regarding its activities and governing its internal affairs as the Tribal Commission may deem necessary and proper to effectuate the powers granted by this Code and the powers granted and duties imposed by applicable law.
  • To work with the staff of any tribal department, program, project, or operation and to cooperate with the Tribal Council or any Council Committee in regard to gaming issues.
  • To maintain and keep current a record of new developments in the area of Indian Gaming.
  • To consider any gaming matter brought before it by any person, organization or business, and all matters referred to it by the Tribal Council.
  • To approve or disapprove any application for a tribal gaming license.
  • To permanently close, after notice and hearing, any game or games which are operating in violation of tribal law.
  • To conduct background investigations on all persons who propose to participate in any gaming activity or operation.
  • To discipline any licensee or other person participating in any gaming activity by ordering immediate compliance with this Code or Tribal Commission regulations and to issue an order of temporary suspension of any license issued under this Code, whenever the Tribal Commission is notified of a violation by any such person of this Code or any other applicable law.