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Calendar of Research

The Calendar of Research consists of five "books." Each has an icon on the desktop of the in house computers. The books are divided by time periods.

  • Book 1, 1792-1836
  • Book 2, 1837-1845
  • Book 3, 1846-1882
  • Book 4, 1883-1929
  • Book 5, 1930-1998

These documents are duplicated from collections and repositories such as:

  • Burton Historical Collections, Detroit Public Library
  • Washington D.C., National Archives
  • Lansing, State Archives of Michigan
  • Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society Collections
  • Various church publications and records
  • County, city, village and other local history publications and government records
  • Multiple manuscripts, private research collections, dissertations, books and historical publications

Each document code represents a file held in our collections. Some files contain a single item and others contain dozens of pages. Intermittently you will find only the document code listed, and other times you will find an excerpt, summery, or the entire contents of the file that will be transcribed.

Example from Book 1

This is an example of what you will see when you log into an in-house computer to view the books.


  • Etherington-NLC, Ayer MS 277. June 10, 1763. [illegible] Gage to Charles Langlade.
  • Etherington-NLC, Ayer MS 277. June 16, 1763. George Etherington to Monsieur.
  • Etherington-NLC, Ayer MS 277. June 18, 1763. George Etherington to Monsieur Langtade(?).
  • Etherington-NLC, Ayer MS 277. June 21, 1763. George Etherington to Monsieur Langtade(?).


MPHC 9: 442-458. June 14, 1778. Council Held at Detroit, with the Ottawas, Chippoweys Hurons, Poutowatamies, Delawares, Shawanese, Miamis, Mingoes, Mohawks & the Tribes of Oushtanon, Saguinan &c. Delewares Sencas.

Present at council: Ottawas, War Chiefs Equashawey Neekigg Ottawaaske; village Chiefs Chamintawaa, Powdigeekawaa, Waywishquoin, Maanigo: Saginaw Chippewas, War Chiefs Wymeegong; Village Chiefs, Heshewaabimey, Shawaanissey, Apaquaash, Wyshinadeytoo, Keejeekainee: Grand River Ottawas, Meckissinance, Shaouanaquaam, Meshkeema, Shaquaquabeno. Also present were a long list of Chippewas, Hurons, Hurons from Sandusky, Mohawks and Senecas, Potawatomis, Delawares, and Potawatomies of St. Josephs.

Lieut Governor Hamilton distributed wampum to each nation to [illegible] their dead and to cement the British alliance with the tribes during the American revolution. June 17. Lieut. Governor informed the tribes that the new governor, Haldimand was on his way. The Lieut. Governor urged the tribes that wanted to go to war against the Americans immediately to wait. June 18. Lieut. Governor assures the tribes that the King will give them provisions while they behave in an orderly way and issued presents.

June 19. Chiefs distributed presents to their families.

June 20. The Ottawa chief Chaminitawaa, a village chief, spoke for the Ottawas, chippewas and Potawatomis. He presented 5 long strings of wampum, 8 white strings & 8 strings of mixed black and white. The wampum was to cement British Indian alliance. A belt of 8 rows of wampum was given in thanks for the presents and asked the British to share their plans with the tribes. Presented a white belt of 8 rows with 4 black crosses and then spoke to the Delawares and ask them why they are hindering the Ottawas, Chippewas, and Potawatomis. Presented six strings of Black and white wampum. They want to know why the British have blocked their way in their fights with the Americans.

Wyandotts and Miamis seconded the Ottawas' speech.

Speeches of the Iroquois continue.

Hamilton addressed the Ottawas. He warns them that those who do not make an alliance with the British will feel British strength against them. He thanked the Ottawas for their sensible speeches and handed out medals.