Planning Department


SCIT Office of Building Code Compliance

The Office of Building Code Compliance administers the provisions of the Tribal Building Code, including responsibility for inspection and code enforcement activities. This insures applicable construction safety and welfare guidelines are adhered to during the construction process..

SCIT Curbside Collection

Dear Community Partner,
For most of us, summer is a busy season. Barbecues, open houses and other get togethers can contribute to making our Curby carts fuller than ever. If you have a lot of extra trash, it's even more important that you don't miss a collection day. We know our customers can get used to having their trash picked up at the same time every week, but we only provide collection days, not collection times.
Many factors (increased trash volumes, road construction, weather-especially high temperatures, for example) can affect when trash is collected. Sometimes, drivers may have to change portions of their route to accommodate these factors, and a typically morning collection might be in the afternoon or vice-versa. The best way to avoid missed pickups is to make sure trash is out by 7 a.m. (as early as 6 a.m. in some communities).

If you have any questions regarding curbside collection please contact Kim Otto McCoy at (989) 775-4014 or stop by the Planning Department office at 2451 Nish-na-be-anong.