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Phone: 989-775-4750 • Fax: 989-775-4770
Open Mon. thru Sat. 10am - 6pm • Closed Sundays

How to prepare for your visit

To help make your visit as beneficial as possible, please remember the following:

  • A photo ID is required for registration.
  • Researchers are required to check personal property except note cards and pencils. Bags and other personal items not checked will be subject to inspection, along with work materials, upon leaving.
  • The use of pens or indelible pencils is not allowed in the Research Center.
  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are not allowed in the Archives.
  • The Archives staff will photo copy material when duplications can be done without injury to the item. The Archives staff reserves the right to request the return of photocopies and to prohibit the making of duplicate photocopies from those furnished by the Archives staff.
  • Researchers are responsible for any archival material in their care until it is returned to the archivist. Do not leave records unattended. Materials must be returned to the front desk when finished.
  • Under no circumstances is it allowed to remove records from the Research Center.