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Integrate creativity into your next educational tour. The Ziibiwing Center offers a variety of activities to educate groups in a fun, insightful manner. Activities range from crafts to scavenger hunts. Call now for more information about how to make this an addition in your next tour. Please call the Visitors Services Coordinator at 989-775-4750.

Culture Kits

These kits contain a variety of hand crafted traditional items used by the Anishinabek. The kits are geared toward all ages. The content of the presentation will include a description of what each item is made out of and what it is used for. This is a hands-on activity, and each individual will have an opportunity to handle all items. The kits are an in-house presentation, so they will be available as an addition to your tour, if requested.

Scavenger Hunt(s)

They are sets of questions made available to suit the different grade/age levels of tour groups, and are used to keep the students engaged in the information presented.

Beaded Bracelet

A hands-on project designed for the younger person with a look at some nature inspired material to create a bracelet.

Clan Animal Bingo Game (approx. 20 min.)

Students will have the opportunity to hear the Ojibwe language throughout the game while learning about the clan animal system, and how it still exists today (includes some storytelling).

Clan Animal Game (approx.15min.)

This activity is geared towards younger children. Includes storytelling, teachings on clan animal system, and clan responsibilities. With the use of Ziibiwing stuffed animals (representing clans of the area).


Educational videos available for viewing while visiting the Ziibiwing Center in addition to your tour usually ending the visit. (Link to document "Videos Avaliable")

Craft Projects (that are also available upon request, for a small fee per student/person)

  • Hemp Bracelet (w/beads) - (20 min) ($1.00)
  • Shell Necklace (w/beads) - (20 min) ($1.00, add an extra $1.00 for a fully beaded necklace)
  • Clan Medallion Necklace - (30 min) ($2.00)
  • Medicine pouch Necklace - (30 min.) (Small $3.00, large $4.00)
  • "Bone" Choker or bracelet - (30 min.) ($3.00/bracelet kit, $5.00/choker kit)
  • Dream catcher - (60 min.) ($5.00/kit w/willow hoop, $3.00 w/reg. hoop)

In order to receive any of the "Hands on Activities", they must be requested at the time of tour booking. We must have two weeks notice, in order to prepare. Especially for the Dreamcatcher.

For more information please contact the Visitor Services Coordinator at 989-775-4750.