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Diba Jimooyung: Telling our Story

Additional Information for Educators

Every culture seeks to tell their story, and here is ours. The Diba Jimooyung permanent exhibit tells the story of the original people of the Great Lakes. Walking through the 15 areas of our exhibit, Diba Jimooyung teaches you about our struggles to hold onto our land, language, and lifeways.

Integrated throughout the exhibit are the Seven Prophecies that were given to us thousands of years ago. These prophecies were from prophets that visited the Anishinabek when they were living a peaceful life on the East Coast of North America. We believe the eighth and final prophecy, the Eternal Fire of Peace, will light if we follow the Seven Teachings: love, respect, bravery, honestly, humility, wisdom, and truth.

Diba Jimooyung presents an insightful presentation of our past, present, and future through the use of artifacts, computer technology, hands-on and interactive learning, and the integration of our beautiful language throughout the exhibit. This exhibit displays the celebration of our survival, spirit of sovereignty, and message of hope for all people of the world.

The Diba Jimooyung permanent exhibit offers programs for all ages to learn about the original people of the Great Lakes. Our educational tours are based on the four seasons which integrate the many gifts each season provides for us. With this permanent exhibit, we have the privilege to honor the courage of our ancestors and grandparents, the promise of our youth, and the determination of our people.