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Additional Information for Educators

The story of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan is one of faith, perseverance, and resiliency.

Gitche Manido, the Great Mystery, provided our people with many gifts that gave us the endurance and strength to survive decades of tremendous change. Our teachings tell us that all things are balanced in this world; we experience good and bad days, happy and sad moments, as well as prosperous and poverty stricken times. During the time of colonization, our ancestors were subjected to warfare, diseases, land theft, broken promises, boarding schools, and forced assimilation, but despite these challenges to our very survival, we have overcome.

Throughout time, our people have had the foresight to prepare for the winds of change. We have relied on our traditional teachings, gut instinct, and common sense to secure a future for our tribal nation. Our Anishinabe values, rooted in the Seven Grandfather teachings (bravery, love, wisdom, humility, truth, respect, and honesty), and our deep spirituality are the guiding principles in decision-making for the next Seven Generations. These principles enable our tribe to provide economical, educational, social, and spiritual improvements for our people, and for the people of central Michigan.

In recent history, the creative spirit of our tribe is witnessed by looking at the remarkable decisions we have made and the risks that we have taken to build our modern tribe. We invested land claim payments, long overdue from the treaty era, into a tribal investment portfolio. We built a self-funded gaming empire from small local bingo games using donated bingo equipment. Today our tribe is the largest employer in Isabella County.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in our time and thankful for the decisions our ancestors made during their time. We are looked upon and respected by other tribal nations as notable strategists and visionaries. The programs and services we offer our people serve as models for others to follow.

The Enduring Spirit of Our People, sustained through the generations, comes from the love we have for our children, life, and nature, and from our care and deep respect for others. We have pulled together as a people to overcome life’s obstacles to secure a better future for our children and their children yet to come.