34th Annual Michigan Indian Family Olympics

Information and Registration

  • Over 1000 Native Americans and their family members gather for the largest Native American sporting event!!!
  • Day of Registration Open From 7:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
  • Opening Ceremonies Begin at 9:00am.


Please Pre-Register Your Team

For this year's event, you again will be able to pre-register your team online. If you are the team leader for your tribe, we strongly encourage you to pre-register your team via the website. This will allow us to receive the information that we need to create wrist bands for the participants on your team. Registration will open on Wednesday, May 9th and close on Tuesday, July 20th.

Tribe Event Coordinators

Each competing tribe has an event coordinator. They can be found below

Tribe Coordinator Phone Email
AIHFS Teia McGahey (313)849-6030 ext. 1403 tmcgahey@aihfs.org
GLT Kelly Wesaw (269)397-1760 kelly.wesaw@hhs.glt-nsn.gov
LRB Kimberly Hinmon (231)655-3651 kimberlyhinmon@lrboi-nsn.gov
NHBP Grace Chivis (269)704-8419 gchivis@nhbpi.com
PBP Dean Orvis (269) 462-4290 dean.orvis@pokagonband-nsn.gov
LTBB Angeline E.S. Roberts (231) 242-1601 aroberts@ltbbodawa-nsn.gov
GTB Leanne Alber (231) 534-7551 Leanne.Alber@gtb-nsn.gov

Your Tribe's Assistance with the Events Staff

Like years past, we will be asking other tribes to lead and operate one of the events/areas. The assistance and volunteer-ism in years past has been tremendous! Each tribe has excelled in coordinating their specific position and it has made for a very smoothly ran event. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

See the Sponsorship & Volunteer page for more information

Team Representation

We encourage you to come in your own team shirt that represents your tribe. If you will be creating a t-shirt for your tribe, please email me the color that your tribe will be wearing so we can prevent duplication of colors amongst the other tribes. As in years past, we encourage you to bring a tribal banner or flag from your tribe/organization for opening ceremonies and to display throughout the day. We have a limited number of tents that may be used to help provide shade. Therefore, we encourage you to bring a tent of your own for the members of your community. Lunch will be served around 11:45. We also encourage you to bring your own snacks and to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Each year we hope to make this an enjoyable experience where many memories can be made once again. We look forward to your participation in this wonderful event to promote health, fun and fitness throughout the Native American communities in the State of Michigan!

New… Participants will receive a Souvenir Event Program Booklet at this year’s event.

Booklet will include:

  • Schedules
  • Maps
  • History of MIFO
  • Other event info that will be helpful for the event day

If you have any comments or questions about the Michigan Indian Family Olympics please contact Jaden at the Nimkee Fitness Center.

Jaden Harman
Fitness Program Coordinator
MIFO Event Coordinator

Central Michigan University
Bennett Track & Field
2239 W Campus Dr
Mt Pleasant, MI 48859