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Our Programs

The Ziibiwing Center's programs cover a wide range of educational subjects, and assist students, teachers, and the general public in learning about the history, culture, and contemporary society of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, and other Great Lakes Anishinabek. There are Ziibiwing programs for learners of all ages!


Learn about our Permanent Exhibit, Changing Exhibit, and Plant Walk Exhibit.

hunting & gathering

Preview the Hunting & Gathering Exercises available for your students' use before, during, or after their trip to the Ziibiwing Center.

culture kit

Get information about our hands on Culture Kit presentation.


Explore the educational games that are available at the Ziibiwing Center.

cultural art activities

Choose art for your students to create during their Ziibiwing Center visit, or in the classroom!

song & dance

Learn more about scheduling a live song and dance group for your classroom, school, or as part of your Ziibiwing field trip.

cultural presenters

Discover which of our Cultural Presenters Programs fit your classroom needs.

professional developement

Find out more about our professional development opportunities.