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Approved by Council Motion on 11-19-07
Disclaimer: Subject to change by Tribal Council directive in writing.


A. Qualifications
1. Must be an enrolled member of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe or be a legal representative applying on behalf of theTribal Member.

2. Members name must be on title of principle residence and living in house designated as principle residence.

3. Must complete Emergency Assistance Home Repair Application and street address on application must match Tribal Clerks residence address record (no P.O. Box address).

4. Service must be provided at primary residence of Tribal member as shown on Tribal Clerks record.

5. Must be 62 years and older; 50 – 61 years of age with long-term disability; documented disabilities must be verified in writing by a physician.

6. Income guidelines will be waived.

7. Designated signatory must approve grant request.

B. Service area

To be eligible for assistance, Tribal Member applicant must reside in the State of Michigan. Out of state request shall be considered by the program director and the Tribal Council or its designated representative on a case by case basis.

C. Type of Service Covered:
1. Repair or replacement of furnace
2. Replacement of water heater
3. Repair or construction of water well or connection to community water supply
4. Repair or construction of septic system or connection to community sewage system
5. Electrical repairs if defects in the electrical system were responsible for the failure of the above eligible activities or constitute a safety or fire hazard.

D. Frequency of Service:
Grant will be offered ONLY ONCE if it meets the guidelines and funds are available with a maximum grant award of $2,500.00

E. Additional Documents must also be provided:
1. Three bids for the proposed work to be completed
2. Proof of homeownership
3. Proof of homeowner insurance except for requests totaling $1,000.00 or less. In those instances, insurance is not required.
4. In the event furnace repair or replacement is needed outside of normal business hours and during the time period of October 1 through May 1, the following protocol will need to be followed:
a. Leave a voice mail message with the Planning department describing the nature of the emergency, and
b. Providing all required program documentation with 72 hours of said call.

All applications will be subject to the regular program guidelines and applicants subsequently deemed ineligible shall be responsible for the entire cost of the repairs.

F. Payment Methods:
1.The payment for EAHR will be made out to and sent directly to a professional service provider on behalf of the

a.Original invoice/billing statement must be provided with business name, address, phone number, business tax identification and a signature of provider.
b.Work to be completed by a licensed contractor.
c. Invoice must be supported by an itemized listing of service date (s) and service address.

2. Home repairs must be assessed to determine whether or not they were a result of a condition covered by the homeowner's insurance. In those situations where the insurance would cover the cost of repairs, this option must first be exhausted prior to the use of any tribal funds to repair the problem.
3. Payments will be made to vendors only-in no case will applicants directly receive payment for completed work.
4. Family members who contribute labor to a project will not be reimbursed for their time.
5. All request for payments to vendors shall be pre-approved and authorized by the program director. In no instance shall a
vendor or homeowner be reimbursed for work completed before authorization was granted, except as provided in section E3.