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Housing Department Advisory Committee
8/14/2019 8:25:00 AM - Housing Dept.

Housing Department Advisory Committee


SCIT HD invites you to get involved


if you are a leasehold home owner or a tenant of the SCIT Housing Program.




This is your opportunity to have a voice in our program




The Housing Department is currently accepting letters of interest from


Leasehold Home Owners and HUD Residents for the Housing Advisory Committee SCHD AC


Please include the following: Name, address, phone number, photo, membership #, and a letter of interest


Letters of interest will be accepted until  Monday - September 9th 5:00PM




For more information Please call (989) 775-4595
Or check us out at:
http:/ /


Letters of interest can be mailed to:
The Housing Department
2451 Nish Na Be Anong
Mount Pleasant Ml-48858

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