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Our Mission Statement

The reservation Activity Center Committee (RACC) will design, plan and implement the best reservation activity center in a cost effective, timely manner ensuring the project meets the needs, expectations of the Tribal Council and membership they serve.

Work continues on the feasibility study for a new community recreation center  with particular attention being given to programming space.

Tribal Observer - Nov. 2008

Work continues on the feasibility study for a new community recreation center  with particular attention being given to programming space.  After the intial presentation to the Tribal council and subsequent meetings and discussions;  the Reservation Activity Center Committee is proceeding with program space changes.  The proposed changes as discussed in a recent October 16th RACC meeting include reducing the scope of the project in two ways. 
First there will be an overall reduction in square footage by eliminating some components to the proposed facility.  This will be accomplished by eliminating the competition swim lanes, a couple of classrooms, and the indoor play center.  The second change aimed at reducing the scope of the project is to combine user spaces and increase multiuse zones.  This second approach requires a subtle touch and makes scheduling more difficult but is an effective approach that should produce the results we are seeking.
The results of this current process will likely be completed by mid December and will include a new revised operational budget.  Obviously the operational costs affect the projects build appeal, lower yearly expenses are more attractive.  Current operational expenses of Health and Human Services sector of the Tribal government is in the millions;  although this project would initially add expenses the long term benefit will be a healthier people, community,  and reduced costs associated with caring for ill members.
Please direct any questions to a RACC member or contact Parks & Recreation and your comments will be handled accordingly.

May 2007 Feasibility Study Report

On May 31, 2007, the RACC published the phase one results of a long term feasibility study that examines the demographics of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and the greater Mt. Pleasant/Isabella County area and also reviews the other indoor recreation providers in the area. A public process has also been undertaken that gathers input from a number of different stakeholder meetings, a community meeting, and an informal survey. Read the important information contained in the complete Feasibility Study Phase One Draft!

For More Information, Contact:
Chip Neyome
Park & Recreation Director
(989) 775-4522